Texas Grey Bronze

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Made of sturdy truck tarpaulin and vegan leather.

The chord wallet has a simple design and a smart concept. The wallet stretches like a chordion (when there is a lot of content) and automatically narrows again when there is less content. In the main compartments fit easily several credit cards, health insurance card, ID card, ...

Yes, the wallet has no zipper compartment, but you can shake and spin the wallet as you like, no change will leave its compartment. Promise!

The material - also called Vegan Leather, is a strong material made from cellulose fibers (paper) and has a latex coating. So it can be machine washed at 60 degrees and ironed again. The material does not contain PVC or BPA and is food safe.

3 main compartments and 2 smaller compartments form the interior
Printed 510 g/m2 strong truck tarpaulin and vegan leather, weatherproof and tearproof
Outer dimensions of the wallet 11,5 × 8,0 cm
Depth without content 1,0 cm (incl. button)

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